Online Baccarat at Lucky Creek Casino

Baccarat, or baccara, as it is sometimes called, is a card game enjoyed at land-based and online casinos the world over. The basic premise of baccarat is simple – it is a comparing card game between the player and the banker, with three possible outcomes in each round (or coup) – the player has the higher score (Player), the banker has the higher score (Banker), or it’s a Tie.

The origin of Baccarat is a bit of a hot topic – some say it dates back to the 19th century, others claim it was introduced to France by soldiers returning from the Franco-Italian War in the 15th century. Whatever its true origin, baccarat has proven to be a popular casino game in the years since it first appeared on the gambling scene and now, thanks to the advent of online casinos like Lucky Creek, you can play free baccarat online from the comfort of your own home.

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Types of Online Baccarat

  • As with most table games at Lucky Creek casino, there are a few variants of baccarat, each with their own twist on this classic game. But the basic rules are as follows:
    In baccarat, cards have a point value – cards 2 to 9 are worth their face value in points; the 10, jack, queen, and king have no point value (i.e. are worth zero); and an ace gets you one [1] point.
  • It’s important to remember that hands are valued according to the Units digit of the total value of the cards. The Units digit is the right-most number in any amount – i.e. the Units digit of 245 is ‘5’. So, if your hand consists of a 2 and a 6, your hand is worth eight [8]. But, if your hand consists of a 6 and a 7, your hand will be worth three [3] i.e. 6+7 = 13; the Units digit of 13 is ‘3’. This means that the highest possible hand in baccarat is nine [9], and that’s what you’re aiming for. If you get a hand worth nine [9] points, you win.

Online Baccarat Strategies

As with most online table games, baccarat is a game of luck and skill combined. You can’t control the hand you’re dealt but there are some strategies you can use to help even the odds.

  • Understand the rules. This is a key element to any online casino game. Understanding the rules helps you make informed decisions about your game.
  • Know your limits. Set betting and time limits so that you don’t get ahead of yourself. Baccarat is a fast-paced game – you don’t want to get so wrapped up in the action that you overspend.
  • Forget the Systems – There are many “professionals” out there who will try to sell you on their “surefire system” to win. But always remember that baccarat is a game of luck; strategies and systems will only take you so far. Just play your own game and have fun!

At Lucky Creek online casino, you can play Baccarat in our Live Dealer Lounge. This lounge puts you right in the middle of the action! Rather than playing against a computer or staring at a computerized green-felt table, you can have the best of both worlds with the hot-shot action of a live casino with all the comforts of home.

All The Baccarat Game Variations

In all honestly Lucky Creek casino Baccarat isn’t one of the casino games that players flock to play. So, it makes sense if you have never heard of the variations of the games. However, the fundamental rules are that aces are worth one point, cards 2 to 9 are worth their face value; the 10, jack, queen, and king have no points. With that, here are the variations of baccarat that you can play online.

  • Punto Banco – the variation uses six to eight decks of cards, and you will be playing against the dealer.
  • Chemin de Fer – in this variation you are playing against the other players and all players get a chance to the dealer.
  • Baccarat Banque – the banker role will be auctioned at the start of each round. You will be dealt two hands and one banker’s hand. You won’t be able to bet on the dealer’s hand.
  • Mini Baccarat – there are fewer players in this game. You will be dealt a hand and play Lucky Creek casino Baccarat against the banker
  • EZ baccarat – this is a special side bet that ups the ante. You will have to hit or stand as per the rules.
  • 3 Card Baccarat – with this variation the three-face cards are always the best hand.

Let’s get to the Tips

Baccarat is one of the casino games where you can employ betting methods to increase your chances of winning. It is critical to practice the tactics before investing actual money. Among the strategies are Labouchere, Paroli, Fibonacci, and many more. Aside from the Lucky Creek Baccarat strategy, here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • The banker bet is the most popular bet in the game, statistically, it also wins 50% of the time.
  • Avoid the tie bet as it pays 8 to 1 and has a less than 10% chance of winning.
  • Check the side bet house edge before taking it one. Some of these bets have an edge of over 25%
  • Set limits for yourself. Make sure that you have a loss and win limit as the game is quite fast-paced and you can unintentionally spend more hours playing than what you should.
  • Consider the house of each bet before committing as the banker has a house edge of 1.06%, and the player carries a 1.24% house edge.

Keeping these tips in mind while playing is a great way to make the most out of each Lucky Creek Baccarat online. While there is no sure way to ensure that you win each time you play, this is a great way to secure a few wins.

We’re not through yet:

Here is a collection of the most common Lucky Creek Baccarat terms. Ace the game by learning the casino lingo.

  • Banco – is Spanish for banker
  • Burning – this is when the top cards are discarded after shuffling
  • Caller – this is the staff member o the casino that turns the cards
  • Carte – To request another card from the dealer, say “Hit me” in French.
  • Coup – French phrase for a game of Baccarat in which one Banker’s hand and one Player’s hand are dealt.
  • Down card – this is the hole card dealt facing down
  • Face Card – these are the Kings, Queen, and Jacks cards in the deck
  • Monkey – slang term for the 10 cards
  • Natural – when the initial cards make a total of eight or nine
  • Shooter – another term for the banker
  • Stand Off – A tie
  • Tie – when the player and banker have the same value hand
  • Up card – cards that are dealt facing up for everyone to see

These terms will make an appearance while you play Lucky Creek Baccarat online casino or live dealer. But this time you be one step ahead of your competitors. Play now!