Online Video Poker at Lucky Creek Casino

In the wise words of pop sensation Lady Gaga, you can’t read my poker face … unless you know the rules, have a good strategy, and are ready to kick butt and take names! Poker is such a universally well-known casino table game that the term “poker face” has become part of our collective lexicon. This beloved game has been around since the late 19th century, a true-blue American game that is still a firm favorite in land-based and online casinos all over the world.

Video poker, as the name implies, is a casino game version of poker played not at a table with other players and a dealer, but on a screen in the comfort of your own home. It pits you against the electronic dealer and your own wits, and is based on the popular five-card draw poker.

Play The Video Poker Hand You’re Dealt

Poker can be a complicated game, with many rules and strategies for getting the most bang for your buck but, once you learn the basic rules, you’ll be on your way to winning big! You can play online video poker for real money at most online casinos, like Lucky Creek casino, and the rules are generally the same across most variants. Deuces Wild, for example, is a popular variant of online video poker where the basic rules are the same but where a two serves as a wild card.

Playing online video poker is relatively simple – we like to take all the work out of it for you so that you can sit back and enjoy. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – Open your favorite online video poker game, making sure you have cash handy in your casino account;
  • Step 2 – Place your bets;
  • Step 3 – Hit ‘Deal’ and you’ll receive your five-card poker hand;
  • Step 4 (optional) – Discard any cards you don’t want. You can get rid of the entire hand, if you want to;
  • Step 5 – Get your replacement cards, dealt from the same virtual deck;
  • Step 6 – Collect your winnings!

Obviously, there’s a little more to it than that. But that’s basically how online video poker works. If you can tackle those six steps, you are on your way to living the Monte Carlo life you’ve always dreamed of!

Here are some of the most common poker hands you might come across when playing online video poker for real money at your favorite online casino:

  • Five of a Kind;
  • Straight Flush;
  • Four of a Kind;
  • Full House;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • Three of a Kind;
  • Two Pairs;
  • One Pair;
  • No Pair

Make sure you understand what each of these hands entails, and how to get them, and you’re one step closer to that big payday!